Table of contents

  • $ the Dollar - The $ Object is instantiated as an object in the global scope to provide some core utilities such as $.println() and $.getEnv().
  • Assert - Assert is a CommonJS like library for unit testing.
  • Color - Definitions for constants for coloured output on the terminal.
  • Dom - XML Dom parser and Document model.
  • File - File operations, for simple synchronous I/O.
  • Global - Global variables and functions.
  • Json - Syntactic sugar around v8's native JSON parser and a pretty printer.
  • Markdown - Markdown CLI renderer and color highlighter for the terminal.
  • Runtime - Runtime allows the script to interface with the environment in which it is running.
  • Sax - XML Sax parser.
  • Term - Provides access to features of the terminal the script is running in, such as terminal width, height and cursor position.

by teknopaul